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Revenue over 10 billion, profit over 400 million, the group rose against the trend last year

Release time:2021-02-18     Browse

  In 2020, the group company realized a total operating revenue of 11.118 billion yuan, an increase of 29.7% year-on-year; the total profit reached 416 million yuan, with an increase of 760 million yuan compared with the previous year. Since 2012, the company has achieved "10 billion" revenue again, and has achieved the best operating performance since its establishment in 1991.

  2020 is the first year after the group company has been mixed up. The group company has made overall efforts to prevent and control epidemic situation, production and operation, reform and development, safety and environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation, cultivate new opportunities in crisis, and open a new Bureau in the changing situation, and win the official closing in the 13th five year plan.

  Production and operation are in a negative position. At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 had a serious impact on the production and operation of the group. Hubei six chemical companies, Chizhou Hengxin company and organic chemical company were forced to stop production. The downstream demand of titanium dioxide, phthalic anhydride, pyrite and other products decreased and prices dropped sharply. The export of titanium dioxide and fertilizer products were seriously hindered, and the deficit of their subsidiaries expanded. In this regard, the group company has been closely following the normal epidemic prevention and control and production and operation control, striving to overcome the market changes and adverse effects brought by the epidemic, strengthening the implementation of production plans, fully opening up the equipment, vigorously opening up the market, reducing costs and reducing costs. Most of the products in the whole year have different degrees of growth compared with the planned and historical production. The annual export of titanium dioxide is 27000 tons, chemical fertilizer 185500 tons, polyamide chips, sulfate and other 12000 tons, and the export value is 640million yuan.

  Deepening reform will stimulate vitality. In 2020, the group company has improved the corporate governance structure, and the running in, communication and trust among shareholders will be strengthened; the system construction shall be strengthened, the system shall be standardized to regulate the "people", and the process management "affairs" shall be optimized, and the system system and control mechanism shall be further standardized; the market-oriented operation direction shall be adhered to, the target management and performance evaluation shall be strengthened, and the enthusiasm of the management team and cadres and staff shall be fully mobilized Creativity; adhere to people-oriented, no layoffs, no salary reduction, no employee due to mixed changes and dismiss, the company's staff income with the benefits of the company increase.

  Safety and environmental protection are fully active. In 2020, the group company takes safety and accident free as its work objective, takes system construction as the focus, takes strengthening hidden danger investigation and promoting problem rectification as the key point, strictly follows the "red line" of safety, tamps down the development "bottom line", and eliminates serious injuries and above accidents, major risks and non-human affairs. The injury rate of 1000 people is 1.23 ‰, and the rectification rate of hidden danger is 99.4%. A total of 150 million yuan was invested in the whole year, and 211 projects for rectification of outstanding environmental problems and environmental protection improvement and transformation were completed. We will continue to promote the implementation of the responsibilities of the environmental protection subject of enterprises, and increase the improvement of feedback problems of Ecological Warning film in the Yangtze River economic belt. The utilization of phosphogypsum is 3379700 tons throughout the year, and the stock of phosphogypsum storage yard is reduced by 1986200 tons. Basically, the ecological restoration project of Longshan has been completed. The construction of phosphogypsum shed is carried out according to the network progress. Henggang green chemical industry concentration zone passed the evaluation of the expert group of the provincial chemical park. The company implemented the "four modernizations" (purification, greening, beautification and lighting) improvement design scheme of the enterprises affiliated to Henggang area, and the enterprise site management and environmental appearance were improved. The group company was awarded the "environmental and social responsibility enterprise", Xinqiao Mining Company and Liuguo chemical company, Ananda titanium industry company and organic chemical company respectively obtained the "good faith enterprise" and "good enterprise" of Anhui Enterprise Environmental credit evaluation. (Chen Ji)