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Group's "warm winter sun" shines into helping Village

Release time:2021-02-18     Browse

  On January 28, Jiang Shengyun, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the trade union of the group company, went deep into Chang'an village and Wuyi village of Zongyang Town, Zongyang County, where the group company provided pairing assistance, and carried out the activity of "warming the sun in winter - helping cadres to go with relatives to build a deeper pairing". Liang Wanglin, member of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and director of the party masses work center of the group company, attended the activity.

  Jiang Shengyun, on behalf of the group company, donated 100000 yuan of poverty alleviation and development fund to Chang'an village; visited the group company's team leaders in Chang'an village and Wuyi village, and members of the "two committees" of the two supporting villages, and sent 14000 yuan of consolation money to express his concern and consolation for their hard work in the past year.

  Afterwards, Jiang Shengyun held discussions with the leaders of the two villages, the village poverty alleviation cadres, the leaders of getting rich, and the representatives of the villagers, extensively listened to the opinions and suggestions, conscientiously summarized the achievements and experience of poverty alleviation in 2020, analyzed the deficiencies and problems in the assistance work, highlighted the project construction, made good plans, and refined and implemented the work plan of pairing assistance in 2021.

  During the forum, Jiang Shengyun stressed that carrying out the series of activities of "warm sun in winter - helping cadres to go with relatives to build and deepen together" is an effective form to implement the theme activity of "thanking the Communist Party and striving for a new era", and also an important carrier to promote the effective connection between poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization. In the next step, the group company will, in accordance with the arrangements of the Central Committee and the provincial and municipal Party committees, play the leading role of the joint party committee and the strong backing role of Baocun units, continue to pay attention to helping the development of villages, actively promote the implementation of the Rural Revitalization strategy, and promote the high quality and high efficiency of agriculture, the livability and employment of rural areas, and the prosperity of farmers.

  After the forum, Jiang Shengyun went deep into helping the families by pairing up, presented the consolation money, and asked the family members in detail about their physical conditions, living conditions, preparations for new year's goods, difficulties in medical treatment, children's employment, and plans for 2021. At the same time, according to the actual situation of their families, they should give advice and suggestions, encourage them to enhance their confidence, overcome difficulties, maintain an optimistic attitude, and strive to improve their production and living conditions.

  It is understood that in order to further consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, realize the effective connection with rural revitalization, pass on the care of the party and the government, and pass on the care of Baocun units and baohu cadres, according to the unified deployment of the city's poverty alleviation work, since mid January, the group company has solidly carried out the activity of "warm sun in winter - helping cadres to go with relatives to build and deepen together".

  On January 15, the trade union of the group company issued the notice on how to do a good job in the distribution of employee benefits during the Spring Festival, which precisely linked the needs of employee benefits during the Spring Festival with consumption poverty alleviation, purchased Trichosanthes kirilowii seeds from Jinshan Village, a paired helping village of Liuguo chemical company, and ecological native chicken and eggs from Wuyi village, a helping village of the group company, and purchased consumption cards from the municipal consumption poverty alleviation special hall to employees as the Spring Festival benefits, with the amount of 2 More than 900000 yuan.

  From January 25 to 28, 174 contracted cadres of the group company paid a visit to 159 assisted households in Chang'an village and Wuyi village of Zongyang Town, and sent a total of 31800 yuan of consolation money. The contracted household cadres also went deep into the families of the poverty-stricken people, talked about the past and the future, helped the poverty-stricken people figure out the poverty-stricken policies, understand the poverty-stricken people, change their lives, social assistance and environmental improvement, encouraged them to take poverty-stricken people as a new starting point for a better life, and actively participated in the comprehensive implementation of the Rural Revitalization action. At the same time, the contracted household cadres assisted the village "two committees" and the working team stationed in the village to check the information, check the policy items, plan the assistance measures, improve the information of the poverty alleviation manual, establish the poverty alleviation archives, and assist the households to carry out the safety investigation, so as to ensure that the people out of poverty have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.

  People from Chang'an village and Wuyi village expressed their gratitude for the party's good policies and Tonghua group's long-term help. They are full of confidence and energy for a better life in the future, and firmly believe that life will be more and more beautiful and happy. (Zhang Min)