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Anhui Tonghua International Trade Group Co., Ltd

  • 2020
  • 500 million
  • 500000m²
    Factory area
  • 100+
    Marketing area
  • 1
  • 2

  Anhui Tonghua International Trade Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tonghua group) is a chemical enterprise group with integrated asset management approved by Anhui provincial government in November 1991. After 29 years of construction and development, Tongling Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. has become a diversified group enterprise with chemical mine mining, sulfur and phosphorus chemical industry, fine chemical industry, new materials, commerce and logistics, real estate development and other leading industries. Tongling Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd It is an important sulfur and phosphorus chemical industry base and a new pigment industry base. The production and sales volume of its leading products, such as high-efficiency phosphorus compound fertilizer, titanium dioxide, phthalic anhydride, pyrite and battery material iron phosphate, are in the forefront of domestic counterparts. In 2019, the company ranked 173 of China's top 500 petroleum and chemical enterprises, 66 of Anhui's top 100 enterprises and 39 of Anhui's top 100 manufacturing enterprises.

  Tonghua group adheres to open development, based on Tongling, the "ancient copper capital and contemporary copper base of China", relies on its unique resource endowment, location advantage, industrial foundation and talent guarantee, adheres to excellence and refinement, seeks to be bigger and stronger, and actively cooperates with foreign countries. It holds the shares of sh600470 and sz002136 listed companies, with 24 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries We have established a number of Sino foreign joint ventures with Veolia of France and SamSung of South Korea, and established production bases in Anhui, Hubei, Jilin and other places.

  Tonghua group adheres to green development and focuses on mining and dressing, sulfur and phosphorus chemical industry, fine chemical industry and circular economy industry of multi metal associated chemical mine to create technical and industrial advantages. It has built academician workstation, postdoctoral workstation, one national enterprise technology center and four provincial enterprise technology centers, forming three circular economy industrial chains of mining and dressing, sulfur and phosphorus chemical industry and fine chemical industry, It is one of the first batch of circular economy demonstration units, informatization and industrialization integration demonstration enterprises and environmental protection integrity units in Anhui Province.

  Tonghua group has successfully completed the 13th five year plan and scientifically planned the 14th five year plan. Looking forward to the future, guided by the five development concepts, Tonghua group is actively docking with the development strategy of the Yangtze River economic belt and the Yangtze River Delta, focusing on new chemical materials, high-performance structural materials and new energy materials, striving to promote the large-scale development of strategic emerging industries, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and promote the development of new industries The traditional industry of sulfur, phosphorus, coal and titanium is high-end and high-value extension to achieve high-quality transformation and development.