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  The main responsibilities of all departments of copper chemical industry and trade are as follows:

  1. Chemical products department: mainly in the six countries group of products trade, synchronous loading liquid alkali, sulfuric acid and other products;

  2. Ore products department: mainly carry out the trade of pyrite, iron ore, copper fine sand and other ore products;

  3. Fine chemical department: mainly connect products of anada, organic chemical industry, Jiahe and Ruijia company and other fine chemical products;

  4. Centralized production department: mainly engaged in the procurement and trade of bulk materials, diesel, coal and spare parts, online business and access to high-quality mining ports.

  5. Warehouse and logistics department: mainly carry out the transportation of dangerous chemicals, long and short-term road transportation, port logistics and logistics park construction.

  6. Financial department: financial accounting process control, fund coordination.

  7. General management department: mainly responsible for daily affairs, compliance management, human resources, Party building and group work.