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Tongling Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. tender announcement of qualified wire and cable suppliers in 2020-2021

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  Entrusted by Anhui jialongkai Trade Co., Ltd., Tongling jiashide Management Consulting Co., Ltd. will open the bidding for qualified suppliers of wires and cables for production, maintenance and technical transformation of each subsidiary of Tonghua group from 2020 to 2021.

  The bidder shall have independent legal person qualification, production enterprises and distributors with supply capacity, who meet and recognize the performance of all provisions of the bidding documents. The production enterprise must have the production qualification of 35kV and above power cable, with a registered capital of RMB 100 million and above, and the annual average sales volume of the last three years is more than 800million yuan; the registered capital of the dealers is RMB 5 million and above, and the production enterprises authorized to distribute the products must also have the production qualification of 35kV Power cable.

  1. Bidding Document No.: 2020-ahjlk-dxdl-03

  2. Name of bidding goods: all kinds of power, control, computer, rubber cable and wire.

  3. Bidding content: Framework Agreement bidding, and five qualified suppliers are determined by bidding (Procurement amount: estimated RMB 4-5.5 million / year, excluding wires and cables of new project).

  4. Main technical requirements and process parameters: see technical specifications for details.

  5. Delivery time, quantity and Description: the bidding is based on the principle of "annual bidding and staged implementation". Delivery time and quantity shall be delivered according to the buyer's requirements according to the purchase plan, and the actual delivery quantity shall be settled. After the buyer summarizes the purchasing plans of each subsidiary of the group from time to time every month, the buyer will inquire among the qualified suppliers of the year (the number of inquiry is about 2-3 times / month) through the high-quality procurement platform to determine the supplier and price. The qualified suppliers in the shortlisted year shall respond to the quotation in time. The shortlisted suppliers who do not participate in the inquiry will give negative results in the annual evaluation of suppliers Evaluate until cooperation is lifted.

  6. Delivery place: the place designated by the tenderee: Tongling area and Yichang, Hubei Province.

  7. How to obtain bidding documents

  7.1. Time to obtain bidding documents: from that day to 16:00 on Oct. 14, 2020

  7.2. Acquisition location: the tenderer can directly log in to the high-quality cloud purchasing platform (website: http://www.youzhicai.com/ )Sign up and download the bidding documents.

  8. Bidding document cost and technical service fee

  8.1. Document fee: the price of each set of bidding documents is 500 yuan (transferred from the basic account of the bidder, and no individual transfer is accepted), and the after-sales will not be refunded.

  The bidding document fee shall be paid to Tongling jiashide Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Bank and account number accepting the cost of bidding documents:

  Account name of CCB: Tongling jiashide Management Consulting Co., Ltd

  Bank of deposit: Tongling Development Zone sub branch of China Construction Bank

  Account No.: 3400166840805306201

  After payment, the bidder shall upload the payment receipt in the high-quality mining system, and the bidding documents can be downloaded after being approved by Tongling jiashide Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

  8.2. The bidding service fee is RMB 200 yuan for this bidding. The bidder shall pay the platform technical service fee for login of bidding tools client. If you need to issue an invoice, please contact 400-0099-555, 0551-62624009.

  9. Submission of tender documents

  9.1 the deadline for submission of tender documents (the same below) is 9:00 on October 20th, 2020. The tenderer shall submit electronic bidding documents through the client of high-quality bidding tools before the deadline.

  9.2. The electronic bidding documents submitted in the overdue period will be rejected by the high-quality cloud purchasing platform.

  9.3 the paper bidding documents of the winning bidder shall be provided according to the number of copies required by the bidding unit

  9.4 the tenderee shall not accept the bidding documents that are overdue or have not been delivered to the designated place.

  Special note: due to the impact of the epidemic, the bidder does not need to bid on site, and does not need to submit paper version of the tender document and electronic U disk. If the following contents of the bidding document are inconsistent with this article, this article shall prevail.

  10. Publishing media

  Public service platform for bidding in China( www.cebpubservice.com )"High quality cloud purchasing platform" (website: http://www.youzhicai.com/ )Anhui Province bidding information network( www.ahtba.org.cn )China procurement and bidding network( www.chinabidding.com.cn )Tongling jiashide Management Consulting Co., Ltd( http://www.jsdglzx.com )。

  11. Contact information

  Bidding agency: Tongling jiashide Management Consulting Co., Ltd

  Address: in the courtyard of Tonghua Group Co., Ltd., no.2758, Cuihu Road, Tongguan District, Tongling City

  Tel: 0562-2652785

  Contact: shechengyu

  12. Important notes

  12.1. The bidding materials must be purchased on the "high quality cloud purchasing platform", and the unregistered bidders should be registered and approved in time. Please login "I want to register" on the homepage of high quality purchase( http://www.youzhicai.com/ )。 Registered consulting Tel: 0551-62624009. If the registration and bidding are affected by the failure to go through the registration and examination procedures in time, the person shall be responsible for the application and bidding;

  12.2. The project will pay for documents and materials online; download bidding documents online; publish clarification and modify documents online; publish bidding control price online. The tenderee does not release the above contents in writing, and the tenderer shall pay attention to and consult the above related contents issued by the member system in time, otherwise, it shall be responsible for it;

  12.3 after the member has successfully signed up, the online payment system is directly used to pay the bidding documents, and the bidding documents and other data (including clarification and modification documents) are directly downloaded. Online payment adopts the quick payment method of UnionPay. As long as the personal bank card has the UnionPay logo and the mobile phone number registered, the mobile phone verification code can be informed to realize the quick payment without opening the online bank.

  12.4. Reminder: if the user registration is successful, if the relevant registration information changes (Note: it is inconsistent with the initial registration information registration), the member shall apply for change in time (consulting telephone: 0551-62624009). If the adverse consequences are caused by the failure of timely change due to the member's own reasons, the member shall be responsible for the change.

  12.5 electronic bidding documents must be generated and uploaded by using the bidding document making tool. Download address of bidding document making tool: http://file.youzhicai.com/files/BidderTools.rar ,

  Download address of the instruction manual and video tutorial of the bidding document making tool: http://file.youzhicai.com/files/BidderHelp.rar .

  Download address of bidding tools: http://toolcdn.youzhicai.com/tools/BidderTools.zip

  Help document address: https://file.youzhicai.com/files/BidderHelp.rar

  12.6. Consultation hotline for the production and upload of electronic bidding documents: 400-0099-55555051-62624009.

  13. Ca handling

  13.1 the bidding project adopts the full process electronic bidding method. The tenderer shall handle CA digital certificate, and Ca digital certificate is used for the signature and encryption upload of electronic bidding documents;

  13.2 for the processing of Ca digital certificate, please refer to the instructions for digital certificate handling of high-quality platform( http://www.youzhicai.com/nd/a_ 8f80a7ec-911f-4c4d-a123-f884980f045.html); Ca handling instructions: https://www.youzhicai.com/ActivityTopic/AdviceDetail/8f80a7ec-911f-4c4d-a123-f8849880f045

  13.3. Hotline: 400-0099-5550551-62624009.

  13.4 the bidder shall take ca or decrypt it remotely when opening the bid.